Flowing Through Time

Nature, Industry, and Communities of the Blackstone River

This exhibit fills a missing chapter of the Museum's story, starting with the Indigenous populations who live along the river's banks, to the current cleaning efforts of local citizens to restore the damage left by the industrial era. This exhibit answers the many questions about the river's relationship with our community, and how that connection has changed over time.

Mills Along the Blackstone

This multimedia exhibit contains an interactive touch table map exploring the development of mills in Woonsocket throughout history. It’s also home to our Mill Memory Bank where biographical information on local mill workers is collected and displayed.

The Decision to Leave

The Decision to Leave is a new immersive multimedia experience within the Frederick & Alice Reinhardt Farmhouse Exhibit. This new addition allows visitors to experience a pivotal moment in many French Canadian families' lives as they decide whether to stay on their farms in Quebec or to journey to New England to pursue a life in the textile industry of Woonsocket.

Navigant Treasury of Life

The Navigant Treasury of Life gives individuals, families and companies a unique opportunity to store photos, documents and family memorabilia in real safety deposit boxes. Box owners' names are displayed on a plaque, and access to your box is always free (no-admission required).  The content remains yours and can be displayed within the exhibit.

Stay Tuned for New Projects in Development!